Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Trucker Editorial Staff

Editor: Lyndon Finney, (800) 666-2770 Extension 5045; (501) 708-0026 (direct line)

Assistant Editor: Dorothy Cox, (800) 666-2770 Extension 5046; (501) 708-0508 (direct line) 

Associate Editor: Klint Lowry, (800) 666-2770 Extension 5044; (501) 708-0509 (direct line) 

Publisher: Ed Leader, (800) 666-2770

Readers are invited to submit news articles, letters to the editor and photographs for consideration to be published by e-mail at Any photos should be of high resolution quality. Any photograph taken with a digital camera is recorded on the camera in high resolution quality. Therefore, do not resize the photo before submission.

Readers may also submit a news articles and letters to the editor by fax at (501) 666-0700 or by mail to Editor, The Trucker, 1123 South University Avenue Suite 320, Little Rock, AR 72204.